What is Little-i?


The Little-i native English learning and training system is an epoch-making product that follows the essential laws of native language learning, with the help of artificial intelligence, big data, world-leading voice engine, adaptive interactive teaching technology, platform-level system + mobile intelligent terminal.

Combined with a large number of original English materials, a native-like language environment is built for students. In this language environment, students can achieve a lot of understandable listening, speaking and reading training, comprehensively improve children’s English application ability and cultivate independent learning habits, learn English naturally in a relaxed and happy way, so that learning English is as natural and simple as learning to speak.



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Why is Little-i?


Problems solved

For Children 孩子方面:

1. Interest: content is story-centered, incentives


2. Vocabulary: high frequency repetition of single words, natural recognition and memory


3. Grammar: Follow-up to build language sense, natural perception and application


4. Listening: British and American foreign teachers pronounce the original voice, get rid of single dependence


5. Pronunciation: Pronunciation training, systematic pronunciation correction, practice pure English


6. Oral expression: improve children’s oral expression ability and self-confidence


For Parents 家长方面:

7. Parenting Time 家长陪伴时间

  • Parents cannot supervise children’s learning at all times 家长无法随时监督孩子学习
  • Parents do not understand English and cannot help their children 家长不懂英语,无法辅导孩子
  • Tried various methods, the effect is not ideal and the cost is high 尝试各种方法,效果不理想且费用高
NT Price 售价: SGD 1699 (3年期)
    • 3 years system usage fee 3年系统账号的使用期
    • 3 years VVIP services 3年NancyMe用户专属售后服务
    • 1 tablet 1台专用平板电脑
NT Price 售价: SGD 799 (1年期)
  • 1 years system usage fee 1年系统账号的使用期
  • 1 years VVIP services 1年NancyMe用户专属售后服务
  • 1 tablet 1台专用平板电脑