7days Fun Reading 7天探索营


  • The underlying logic of the product 产品的底层逻辑
  • Help for language learning 对语言学习的帮助
  • Function introduction 功能介绍

14 days Further Exploring Reading 14天阅读生长营

  • Problems that new mothers may encounter 新手妈妈可能会遇到的问题
  • Initial ways to build habits 初期建立习惯的方法
  • Reading Camp Practice Program 阅读营实践方案

21 days Effective Development Reading 21天高效阅读营

  • How to maintain momentum after the preservation period has passed 保鲜期过去,如何保持动力
  • Set goals suitable for children 制定适合孩子的目标
  • Through daily check-in and teacher comments, you can see the child’s progress and the direction of progress 通过每日打卡,老师点评,看到孩子的进步和进步的方向

30 days Habit-forming Reading


  • Set new goals 制定新的目标
  • In-depth use of each function 深度使用各功能
  • Find Xiao-i buddy and make progress together 找到学伴,共同进步

66 days Fluency Reading

  • Real-time feedback, timely adjustment 实时反馈,及时调整
  • Target management, driving the transformation from outside to inside 目标管理,驱动由外向内转化
  • Parents Reading Course 父母阅读课程

88days Further Progress Reading

  • The final stage of habit formation 习惯养成的最后阶段
  • To achieve self-driving 实现自我驱动
  • Parent family education course 父母家庭教育课程

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