Little-i is AI English Learning System


  • Intelligent Matching is different 智能推送不同

    Most of the APPs do not have intelligent matching. Xiao-i pushes learning materials with matching difficulty coefficients according to the students’ learning mastery.


  • Different grading systems 分级体系不同

    Most APPs do not have a grading system. Xiao-i is divided into 150 levels according to the difficulty. Each level can ensure that learners understand 80% of the content, making learning more efficient.


  • Focus on the difference 专注训练不同

    Computers or APPs will distract students from learning due to various games or community software, while Xiao-i is a pure language training system. It is forbidden to download any APP, and students can only be immersed in a massive reading environment.

    电脑或APP在学习上都会因为各种游戏或社群软件分散学生的注意力,而小i是纯粹的语言训练系统,禁止下载任何APP, 学生只能浸泡在海量的阅读环境中。

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