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Little-i is a large-scale online AI English graded listening and reading system. It uses advanced technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and to naturally master English through massive input and output in complex scenarios. Let English learning be as natural and simple as possible.


How does Little-i build a mother tongue-like learning environment?


1. The Book Section contains more than 25,000 original books, covering interdisciplinary content in multiple fields such as nature, humanities, science and technology. Many learners regard it as a "mobile handheld library". The Book Section is divided into 150 levels, and books are personalized with suitable difficulty levels for learners. Based on each individual's ability, Little-i will expand the range of books for daily reading to save parents from the trouble of choosing and/or buying books.

1. 书籍板块包含25000余册英文原版书籍,涵盖自然、人文、科技等多领域跨学科内容。不少学习者都将它看作为“移动的掌上图书馆”。书籍板块共分为150级个级别,为学习者个性化推送难度合适的书籍,基于其能力水平进行拔高拓宽,免去家长挑书选书买书烦恼。

The Book Section includes four major modes: Listening & Reading (L&R), Reading, Retelling, and Advanced Retelling.


These four modes prioritise different learning abilities and are suitable for different learning situations.


2. Once the learners complete a certain amount of reading at their current level, Little-i will prompt the Intensive Reading program.


The content of Intensive Reading is coherent and advanced, with a wide range of topics, such as animals, plants, astronomy, and humanities.


3. The full name of the ETP section is English Through Pictures, which is a mode of active learning. ETP stimulates learners' interest in learning, helps them quickly accumulate listening vocabulary and establishes "native language thinking". In addition, ETP has selected more than 9,000 pictures, which are extremely particular about colours, style and implications. Fully mobilize the sensory system, and train learners' concentration and other abilities.

3.ETP板块全称English Through Pictures,是一种通过图片学习英语的模式。ETP激发学习者学习兴趣,帮助他们迅速积累听力词汇,建立“母语思维”。此外,ETP精选9000多张图片,从颜色、画风、寓意都极为讲究。全面调动感觉系统,训练学习者专注力等多方面能力。

4. The Learning Report can be regarded as a "loyal Little-i Companion" in the learning process. Why is it called "loyal Little-i Companion"? Because it faithfully records daily learning data and learning progress, such as the number of minutes spent on Little-i in total,the cumulative number of words listened/read per day, and the number of books they listened/read, it helps parents easily understand the learners' learning situation.


5.The V&A section contains 30,000 minutes of videos and animations, which is suitable for learners of all ages.


6.The process of learning is inseparable from perseverance, but it is difficult to develop the habit. The Little-i 210-days Reading Camp helps children (and adults) to establish a good habit of independent reading.


7. We understand the importance of eyesight protection for learners, including the anti-blue light film, distance reminder, black and white mode, etc.


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